Our Exclusive FX Finishes

At Exclusive FX we pride ourselves on our quality finishes and our extensive range.

We’ve done a lot of research to source the highest quality products, and most unique aesthetic from across the globe.

We want our clients to be surrounded by a distinctive finish which they can call their own, and that looks timeless for many years to come.

Our finishes fall into three main categories; Metallic, Industrial and Mineral.  

Here are our top 5 finishes at Exclusive FX.


Troweled Metal Coating by Lustre FX

These innovative metal coatings are fast becoming more and more popular in the architecture and interior design world. This polished metal look adds the effect of solid metal. The perfect look for feature walls and a business facade.


Concrete Render

If you’re aiming to create an industrial look, our concrete render is ideal. The mixture of both smooth and pitted areas is aesthetically pleasing and results in a blend of industrial and rustic charm.


Wall2Floor by Novacolor

Our Wall2floor finish is elegant, modern and versatile. Wall2Floor is ideal for both traditional and contemporary environments, and boasts the ultimate seamless finish. An ideal alternative to tiles for walkways or bathrooms.


Calcecruda by Novacolor

This beautiful finish is a mineral plaster with lime and clay. Calcecruda leaves a top quality finish with a textured effect, containing soft and warm colours, at the same time providing an elegant decoration for interior services.  


Swahili by Novacolor

The Swahili finish is a textured metallic paint. Consisting of a water based top coat with metallic pigments. The effect is well suited to decorate interior walls in classical and modern environments.


If you would like to find out more on how and where these finishes can be used for your next project, feel free to give us a call on 0411 988 251 or email us at info@exclusivefx.com.au.