Our Products

At Exclusive FX, we are passionate about our product. Our Decorative Metal Coating is a flexible product which binds to virtually any substrate. Many years of research have gone into making this product reliable, long lasting and attractive. Unlike other products, Exclusive FX uses real metals to achieve these results.

Exclusive FX’s Decorative Metal Coating is a versatile coating which can be applied to curved and flexible surfaces. Because of its versatility, this product can be applied on a range of materials such as Timber, MDF, Plastic, Polystyrene, Steel, Cement and many other substrates.

This product has been an innovative solution for movie costumes where a lightweight and flexible metal is required for ease of use. Many of the world’s top costume companies are utilising this technology for that very reason.

Countless tests have been conducted on this product and with scientific testing proving it’s durability, it can be said that it will stand the test of time.

We also are lucky enough to have access to Italy’s best decorative plaster and paints through Novacolor. Novacolor are industry leaders in the decorative finishes game and have the track record to prove it. Check out the Novacolor Website to see what is possible.

Whether it be used on Feature Panelling, Doors, Cupboards, Furniture, Art, the only limit is your imagination.