Rust & Patina

We were given the task to create an artistic Copper Feature Wall for this garden. The panels were coated in Copper and given a random spatter Patina. The contrast between the deep Copper Red and the bright green Patina is undeniably striking. One of the many ways Exclusive FX can make any space bold and creative.

What was once an old metal screen has been transformed into this! This amazing Copper Gate was completed with timelessness in mind. The client requested the gate be coated with an instant aged appearance. Not a problem. We coated the Gate with a textured Copper and added patina to enhance its visual appeal. The patina will continue to blossom over time and will give the client’s garden a focal point for many years to come.

Looking at various options for a feature to break up the Limestone Render look at the front of this property, the client decided on Copper panels. The panels were coated with a textured finish to give depth. The overall result is amazing and definitely adds to this home’s street appeal! Just one of many ways Exclusive FX can add to your property’s appearance. Decorative Metal Coating at its finest.

Wall art can add an extra element to your house design without using permanent materials on your property. This was the case with this Iron piece which was rusted to achieve the rural look. An excellent example of the versatility of our Decorative Metal Coatings.